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CloudFisher Mini at Half Moon Bay

CloudFisher Mini installation

CloudFisher Mini installation

CloudFisher at Sutro Towers


The FogCollector was first deployed in the  USA. The firm Hangar 1 Vodka in the San Francisco Bay area focuses on capturing more water from coastal fog to both conserve water and use an alternative water source. The project began in 2015 with smaller 1 sq. metre nets, and evolved as Hangar 1’s Fog Point fog water derived vodka sold out:
To increase the fog water yield, A smaller FogCollector was placed at Half Moon Bay and at Sutro Towers . The program has been largely successful, even though one site has under-performed. That collector will be moved to a more productive site later.

The bottling goals have been met to date. This year, Fog Point Vodka will likely sell out just as it did last year. Hangar 1 is donating all of its profits to the Pacific Costal Fog Group whose mission is to study fog in the service of conservation and research.

Bottle of Fog Point Hangar 1 Vodka in front of Golden Gate Bridge.
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