FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have more information about the FogCollector?
All the information we have can be found on our homepage.

Journalists: If you wish to receive press photos, permissions or further information about our projects, please contact us at trautwein@aqualonis.com


​Can I buy just the fabric from you?
We do not sell the fabric as a single item, but only the complete product.


Do you deliver your products to my country?

We deliver to any country.

How long are the delivery times for your products?
This depends on the product and quantity. Usually we ship after 4 to 10 weeks.

What does transport to the destination country cost?
We ship to Ex Works Munich. This means that they commission a forwarding agent of their choice to collect the goods. If the goods are shipped to a country outside the EU, there will be country-specific import duties and customs duties in the country of destination.

Is there a guarantee for your products?
We rule out product liability because the setup of the FogCollector is usually done by local companies and not by aqualonis employees.

How is the installation carried out on site?
We offer 2 to 3 weeks of on-site training. In order to keep the costs for these low, this is carried out by only one aqualonis employee. If you want us to do the complete assembly, we can do it for you.

Do you have a distributor in my country?
We have no distributors abroad and do not wish to enter into collaborations.

How do I order the FogCollector?
Please send us an e-mail with the desired quantity. We will then send you an offer with delivery times. We start with the order when 50% down payment has been made. The remaining 50% is to be paid when the goods are collected by the forwarding agent commissioned by you.


Does the FogCollector technology work in my country or region?
Unfortunately, we cannot give you any information on this. Please contact meteorological institutes or universities in your country. They can give you information about foggy regions with wind. In principle, the yield must be measured at a potential location for at least one year using a test collector. More about this under the heading Evaluation.

How much water can I obtain with the FogCollector?
Yields vary by country and season. We cannot provide a prognosis. In Morocco, for example, the annual average is 23 litres per square metre of net area and fog day. This corresponds to 1,242 litres per FogCollector (54 m² Version) and fog day.

Can the FogCollector be used in high humidity and dew (no fog)?
No, the conditions for water extraction are fog and wind.