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Since 2017 aqualonis supports the German NGO p(e)d world with the delivery and installation of CloudFisher collectors. The project area, with its regions Qameyu, Umagi, Endow, Endabok, Gidn'gata, is located on a plateau over 2000 meters high near the Serengeti and Tarangire National Parks. About 25,000 people live here from subsistence farming who are not connected to the public water supply, which also applies to the 14 schools in the district.


Children - most of them girls - have to walk several hours a day to fetch water, which is usually of inferior quality. As a result, they miss school lessons. Due to the frequent foggy periods, the area is predestined for the use of fog collectors to collect water.

Target group

Five schools are to be equipped with CloudFishers by 2021. The water obtained is used for the school kitchens and the vegetable gardens.



​Project start

Fog collectors



Qameyu and Umagi

until 2021
15 collectors with a total net area of 354 square meter
5 schools with up to 300 pupils
ped world e.V., WaterFoundation,
HTI Gienger, Munich Re Foundation

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